Posted by Cate

I recently broke up with this guy have been dating for over a year now.I love him so much and he loves me back.But when were hang out we always end up arguing some point I feel like he doesn't treat me the way I believe I should be treated..I try to move on but its almost impossible because I love him




Dear Cate,

I am sorry for what you are going through, break ups are never easy to deal with especially when you have been together for sometime and depending on the reasons for the break up. Why do you argue every time? Are there specific issues that you disagree with thus the argument? You have mentioned that you feel that you are not treated they way you would like, as you were starting the relationship did you share your expectations? Does he know how you like to be treated?

All relationships go through challenges, however what matters is how you address the issues. In your case you have decided to end the relationship and move on. Below are few tips on how to move on;-

- Accept the situation, identify the feelings you have and let them gently
- Surround yourself around people that you love and care about you
- Get something you love- hobby to do
- Take time to heal - this will help you to make rational decision in future relationships

Remember, it is a process therefore requires time and patience. Ensure to take good care of yourself.

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Love Matters Team.