Posted by Banks

I notice my scrotom does not sag always like before, most times it becomes stiff and shrink like mass.. Wat should I do?


Dear Banks,

A change of environment could cause the scrotum to shrink and be stiff. This happens especially if you are in a colder environment to control the temperatures. When it’s cold, your scrotum shrinks. When it’s hot, your scrotum gets bigger. This happens because, to make sperm, your testicles need to be at just the right temperature – a bit cooler than the rest of your body. So when it’s cold your scrotum squeezes your testicles up close to your body to keep them warm, and when it’s hot your scrotum lets your testicles hang down to keep cool.

If there is some discomfort like pain then you may consider seeking medical attention for more information.

Check out this article for more information:

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