Posted by Abigail Adewunmi Adekunle

i met this nice guy on net which he happen's to b a final year studnt in my sch,he's 31yrs nd i am 21 yr old w've been dating for d past 2yrs nd 2month now,he's very nice nd he support me in any area of my life
But recently he started demanding for sex,he said he wouldn't force me to do it
We intend to get married in 3yrs time
What should i do?


Hi Abigail,

Thank you for taking time to write to us.

Kindly help us understand with your question is about, what would you like to be assisted about?


Have been dating a guy the pas 2years now, i don't want to involve sex but he keep on presurizin me to have sex
Please advise me on what to do?


U just need to talk things out with him, sit him down and have a face to face conversation. Let's him see reason behind your decision buh that doesn't mean u shouldn't give him kiss and caressing....