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I met a guy a month ago and we became friends. Within no time he started asking for my relationship status when I told him I am single he really wanted to know about my break ups with time he started to hold my hand for long during handshake, he wanted to be close to me when we talk always asking me to help him do something and when stressed he would ask me to hug him tightly and talk to him then later he would tell me he is fine. After like two weeks he travelled and since then he has been asking for my pictures, my well being and the last week I asked him if he has a girlfriend and he said yes but he said before they started dating one of their mantras was never to be in a long distance relationship and now that he had relocated to my location he doesn't understand what that means. This guy has made me feel like loving again and when I told him about it he said love is difficult and I said no it all depends with understanding but he said I would teach him. I feel I love him and I fear he may be after sex and I don't understand the meaning of all this. Please help


Dear Josephine,

It sounds like you are really in love with the guy, however it is just a month since you met him and from what you are saying he is in another relationship. Before you commit for any relationship, it is important that you have a candid conversation with the guy,understand his viewpoint as well his expectations. Perhaps, you need to take it a bit slow, get to know whether the feelings you have for him are real or is just infatuation. Also get to know him much better.

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