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I met this guy last year and since then we have been communicating. Although we have not seen each other. But our communication getting deeper nd deeper. Even though I know we can't be together. And now that our communication has started to have gap. He doesn't chat me as before again not until I chat him. But anytime I tried to forget that person, the person keeps coming to my mind. Everytime I decide not to chat him again, I later found myself chatting him. Please what can I do to get him out of my heart? I want to forget me totally and move on. What do u think I should or can do to get him out totally? Should I delete him from my Facebook friends list?


If one wants do away with a trash He or She thows it to the Bin to make the Place looks Beautiful.So Deleting Him is A perfect solution....just like trash throw it away my deleting him....or you will keep texting him which it gonna hurts you.Definitely if you want to create space in your of o the Trash Into The Bin Thing....


Hello Omocrown,

I am sorry for what you are going through. Communication is a key element for a relationship to grow to be healthy and strong, lack of it strains the relationship and it may led to a break up.

Have you talked to the guy, do you know why the change of heart? Moving on is never easy, it may take sometime for you to deal with the break up, however with right support system you will. While deleting him from the Facebook may be a good idea, it is also important that you cherish the good moments that you shared together. This will help in the healing process.

Check out this article, it has tips on how to deal with heart break;-

Love Matters Team.