Posted by comrade ogar

I love having sex at all time just with my lover alone.She was use to it from the begining and now sheis complaining that is not love.For the love i hav for her i dont want to do it with someone els and she dont want to undastand me.


Don't me to much based on sex than love, she will think that you are just for your self gain and satisfactn rather thn lovng her.

Alt: You may ask her why she is resisting nowadays while she was not at the beginning, talk to her about it and what u feel.


Hi Ogar, Sorry that you are going through this.

Relationships go through different stages and phases as people grow and get to know each other more. This is because people change as well.

The only way people can therefore be able to have an understanding is through communication.

Your partner used to love having sex with you all the time but that has changed now and she no longer considers that love.

You need to have a discussion with her and find out what changed? What caused the change? and how both of you can work through this change.

Its a good thing that you don't want to have sex outside your relationship, that means your faithful and you know that is not the solution.

It will be important that both of you keep an open mind during this discussion as that will help you be considerate of your partners thoughts and feelings. Try also to be as honest as possible about it.

Talk to her and discuss about it, that's the only way you can be able to deal with this issue.