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I hurt my women so bad and many times and she used to warn me then one day it come to a point she was feed up but I manger to make things right everything was okay and she saw that I change alot I am what she always wanted to be like when started dating, do lately I've been so negative I bring up old thinks and thinking that she's cheating on me coz the fact the the time we were fighting she ended up dating someone but didn't last long due to she was still hooked up with me and she dating another guy behide my back reason being she was still hurt by all the things I did so she thought that cheating on me would make the pain go away and by the time I knew she was seeing someone but never said anything to wanted to tell me, when she did tell she was shocked when I told her that I knew I noticed everything I know this may sound strange but I wanted her to do it thought maybe it will help , so as said regarding me being negative the way I put when I tell it hurts her she feels like am not the men for her and she says it feels like she's brothring me and maybe I want to end our relationship but it's hard for me to do so, but it's not I love her so much as she loves me to if I wanted to end things I would have to her but that's not true so I think the negatives that being saying I didn't realize am wrong I thought maybe am just asking to talk and understand one another as we working on our relationship so I told her I didn't mean to but for me to agree to end things am sorry am not we've been through alot so right now she's busy with her exam told her I don't want to stress her she needs to force and study I will call her and check up on her and come see her once in a while until shes done with her exams then we talk and see how we gna resolve this matters coz this thing of us fighting and it should end up that we should break up it's not on why don't we just talk and make things right


Thanks Thapelo for sharing your experience.

I am glad that you have considered giving your lady time to finish exams and then have a candid conversation on the way your relationship should go.

It is important that as you have conversation, be open minded, she may decided to stay or leave the relationship. Whatever decision that you both make, you need to respect it.

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Love Matters Team.