Posted by Joakimu Kulah

i have two questions to ask today
1.How to tell my girlfriend that i love her without saying it.
2.How to make your Ex girlfriend miss you and come back to you?


Hello Kulah,

Those two questions are tricky. You may use your actions to communicate your feeling to a person, however those actions can be interpreted to mean something totally different. Therefore, it is important if you have feelings for a certain girl you communicate to her either face to face, through a letter, message or a chat. That way you have an opportunity to receive feedback, whether she feels the same or she does not. check out this article for more information:-

Kulah, you cannot make your ex-girlfriend miss you, probably what you need to do is to accept that she moved on and find ways to cope with the break up and move on. This article has great tips on how you can deal with a break up, check it out:-

Wish you all the best.

Love Matters Team.