Posted by Noblemerit

I have a male friend... Aint dating but Best friends.. Do things together I mean everything lovers does.. But no Sex yet... Dough he wants us to make Love Soon... He's helped in every of my needs ... what's dis kind of relationship? And I sometimes have doubt dat he is real but he seem real... What do I do? Pls.


Hi there,

Its very easy to confuse how you feel about your best friend especially when they are of the opposite sex.

Its always important to draw the line and have boundaries about the kind of relationship you want.

You need to take time and think about what you want for yourself before you can move ahead. If you feel that you would prefer just his friendship over anything else, then it would be important to talk about it with him and make it clear. It might get uncomfortable and even awkward but its important.

But if you feel you want him to be more than just your best friend then you need to express the same to him and start a different kind of relationship.

All the best to both of you.