i have lovers far from my home.they always want to visit me but i have another pregnant lover at my home.
what should i do to fullfil their feelings & i also love them but am poor?


Hi Musema, thank you for writing to us. It seems you have a lot on your plate. You need to really think about your priorities. If you already have a partner at home and she's pregnant that means you are going to have more financial obligations. You need to first think about how you will take care of her and the child. If you want to have other partners, it would be important that you first consider how you will take care of your family before adding more to your plate. You might end up having too many responsibilities than you can handle. Think about what is important to you right now and then deal with it first.


thanks for your advice but i still feel i love them & am poor.the other promises to finance me what should i do?