Safe Sex

Posted by Saraswati

I have had sex with a man n while in the process the condom bursted n I think he is sicplz help


Hi there, condom burst can be a very scary thing but there are precautions one can take even after it happens.

If you suspect your partner might be infected you need to rush to the hospital before 72 hours elapse from time of exposure.

One can request for PEP drug which helps prevent HIV infection even after exposure. One can also get drugs to prevent other infections.

One can also take the emergency pill to prevent unintended pregnancy. This should also be done before 72 hours elapse.

It would also be important for one to get HIV testing preferably with their partner. If the partner does not want to test one can still go alone.

Below are steps on how to use a condom to help prevent a condom burst in the future;

1. Carefully tear open the package, starting from the serrated edge. The condom won't tear because it's flexible. But go gently, and don't use your teeth, or anything sharp, like scissors. Don't use the condom if the package is damaged or it's out of date.

Check which way the condom unrolls. If it's the wrong way round it won't roll over the penis. If you accidentally start putting the condom on the wrong way round, throw it a way and use a new one.

2. Pinch the tip of the condom to keep the air out so there's room to collect the semen.

3. Unroll the condom all the way to the base of the penis