Posted by macdavid

I have dated a girl for 3yrs without Sex,each time i ask her 4 sex she will refuse bcos she is a virgin,saying dat i can't talk her pride. she said she keep it 4 her husband... What should i do?


Hi Macdavid, thank you for your question.

A relationship means different things to different people, and what makes one person happy could make another unhappy.

Everyone manages relationships in their own way. It's important to make sure that you and your partner want the same kind of relationship and have similar expectations.

Some couples want to live together and spend a lot of time in each others company, while others prefer to give each other more space.

Being in a committed relationship means deciding together on the rules of the relationship and accepting them. It normally means being loyal and ‘exclusive’ to each other.

Commitment isn’t just about sex though - there's also emotional commitment. This means being honest about your feelings for each other, and trusting each other in all areas of life. It’s likely that you're in a committed relationship if you've been with the same person for a long time, made a mutual promise to be faithful.

The easiest way to find out if you've managed to pass the commitment test is to have a talk about it with your partner. Evaluate what both of you want from the relationship and from each other. This honest and open discussion should show the level of commitment you have towards each other.

When you have had your talk and known about each others expectations. Its then important for you to decide if that is the relationship you want. If you are in the relationship for the sex, and your partner is not, you will then have to decide whether to be patient with her until you get married to have sex, or end the relationship and find another partner whom you have the same interests as you.