Posted by sylviah

I have a boyfriend we have dated for one year but yesterday when I was with my boyfriend he said he wants not to see each other for two weeks ,and said he wants to miss me is there something wrong or?


Dear Sylviah,

Sometimes in a relationship, one individual may feel the need to have a break, either to re-ignite the relationship or to work out personal issues that may be affecting the relationship. It is therefore important that you talk to your partner get to understand the reason behind him asking for a break. Depending on the reason for the break, you can decide on how to move forward.

While some breaks may led to break up, having a break can prove to be valuable to your relationship as it allows one to reflect and focus on assessing their feelings in the relationship.

Breaks allow people to spend time learning to compromise, sacrifice, and cooperate, which is beneficial for both parties in any type of relationship.

Wish you all the best as you reflect on your relationship.

Love Matters Team.