Posted by Telique Barber

I have this boyfriend and we've been together for 5 months now and for the last for the first two months we were Unbreakable we was always with each other always together now is like I don't wake up with him and we live together he's not here and when he is here he doesn't hold a conversation with me it's like I'm not around what do you think I should do


Dear Barber,

Relationships goes through seasons, some are pleasant and happy while other are not so good and it is upon the partners to make sure they navigate through all the seasons with relationship being stronger each time. Relationship is about commitment, reigniting your love and always ensuring that you do your best to make it work.

What could have changed in your relationship? Consider having a candid conversation with your partner, you can have this conversation over a dinner date. Get to know what the issue could be and both of you agree on ways to address the issue. See tips on how to talk to your partner:-

Remember, relationship is built on open and honest communication, should this lack, the relationship is almost dead. So ensure there is open communication in your relationship all the time.

All the best.

Love Matters Team.