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i have bin dating a gal for five n half yias,our love wwas strong bt she lived in Mombasa n i in nrb,so wwe broke up bcz of my misteks sinc it was my 1first love so we were knew in some things, so immedietly i realised that our relation is sinking i med a step of going to see her atlst i shud apologise for my misteks bt gez wat she refused she even orderd me to leav the house, i came back home after two weeks i went back again imagn she responded as 1st time and she was even worse,i pleaded i even kneld down bt she refused,i dint have option than to come back home,now we have stayd for almost 3 months without talking we have started talking like 3 days ago bt she has strictly said to me that we can only bbe friends nothng more,the next day she cald me and she admited that she is dating another man,so wen i try to talk abt love she gets anoyd with me and threatens me that atani block or she can change her no,Dr wat shud i do i love the lady so much nko na depression i feel like ending my life



I am sorry for what you are going through. Five years in a relationship is a long time and the investment made to make the relationship is huge. That said, if one of the partners feels that the relationship is not working and want to exit, however difficult it is , just let it go.

Here are a few tips that can help you deal with break up;
1. Accept that you are longer together with your partner- this will help you in the process of healing and moving on
2, Dont blame yourself for the break up- while there are things you may feel that you should have done better, blaming yourself will not solve the issue.
3. Celebrate the good moments you shared together.
4. Surround yourself with people that you love and those that love you. This gives you a sense of belonging and love.
5. Find hobbies- this helps to keep your mind engaged and also to avoid doing things that are not constructive.
6. You may also consider seeking services of a professional counselling for more support.

Taking your life does not solve the issue that you have, think carefully about that decision and make an informed decision.

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I also have been dating a guy for 4 years now but the sweet love has turned to be bitter and i have decided to let go though he does not. Please advice