Posted by Davido Delacdim Obagah

i have been in a r/s with a girl since clas five.
in 2012,i hurt her by get' another girl.after sometime i realised my mistake and went to her and asked for foregiveness and she claimed to have forgiven me but to my suprise,yesterday when i loged in,i got a post on her timeline,according to the post it's like she is hanging up with someone else.
when i asked her about what is going on,she told me that she knows what she is doing and also went a head to remind me of what i did to her of which i thought that we had solved that issue.
friends,what can i do because am totaly confused?


Long-term relationships sometimes phase out because both partners have outgrown each other – people change over time, and perhaps you've both been moving in different directions. You might realize that the two of you have different ideas about life and what you want from the relationship.

Insecurities may also crop up in unequal relationships where one partner feels he or she gives more than the other. The fact that you hurt her in the past might have made her bring her guard up. You might not have resolved the issue as well as you think you might have. It sounds as though she has still not moved on from the past event. You need to revisit it and find a way of resolving the issue to completion.

This could be because you haven't really talked to each other for a long time. Working on your communication could help bring you back together.

Lack of communication often leads to misunderstandings. Letting your partner know both what you want from them and what you can offer could give your relationship a fresh start.

Here is an article on communication that might give you more insight .

All the best to both of you.