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I hav agud frend ov mine who found out dat ha boyfrend was cheating on ha w ha sista n even went to da extent ov geting intimate n on asking it was confirmed bt he repented n said he stil loved ha, so she forgave him n didnt leave him.but da problem is dat he stil talks to ha n when ma frend asked why he told ha dat theres nothing going on btn ma frend is confused whetha dis guy stil luvs ha or not


Hello Linette,

I can imagine the confusion this has caused your friend.

Your friends partner cheated but he came back asked for forgiveness and your friend choose to accept him back and at times a person can make this turn around and commit to their partner and not cheat again. However there is no way of telling what the future will look like.

It maybe important for your friend to make it clear to her partner that she is uncomfortable with the relationship going on and that it is affecting their relationship. It is important for him to decide which relationship is important to him especially since he cheated with this person. Keeping alive the relationship might lead to cheating again. He needs to choose what is important to him, drop what he willing to let go and keep what he values. He has to choose, he can't have both.

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