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i hav agal lover that i hav dated for acouple of months. i hav feelings 4 sex whenever am around her bt i fear to tell her & she ever tells me she has no feelings & that she loves me. i dont want 2 cheat on her but what shud i do?


just man up n tell her what u feel openly, if she feels the same way , u have a goldmine akikataa tembeza kiatu


It is such a great feeling when you are in love.
The fears that you have a quite normal and this usually happens when you haven’t dated for long.
Communication within relationships is very important. Actually, it’s the glue that holds a relationship together.
You can bring up sex topic in your conversation and hear what her take on sex is. Let her know of your desires..

Sex is important in relationship; however other virtues like honesty, trust and communication are equally important.
In case she does say ‘no’ and you want to stay with her, You can choose to masturbate rather than cheat on her.
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