Posted by Gerald

i had protected sex wiz mi gf 4de first time but the blood did nt come out,could i say dat she waz nt virgine,.


Hi Gerald, this is a good question.

Research has shown that a lot of women don’t bleed the first time. For one thing, your hymen might have been stretched by using tampons or doing sport like horse riding. You might have a very thin or stretchy hymen, or have been born without a hymen at all

Whether you bleed or not says nothing about whether or not you’re a virgin.

What's more you don’t have to have sex to stretch or tear your hymen. It can happen through inserting a tampon, horse riding, cycling or stretching

If you take your time making love, so you’re relaxed and your vagina is moist, and your partner goes gently, you’re less likely to bleed. On the other hand, if your hymen is thick and not very stretchy, you might also bleed the second or third time you have sex. It doesn’t make you a super-virgin!

In some families it’s the custom for a woman to show a sheet with bloodstains after her wedding night. This is supposed to be proof that she was a virgin. They think if she can’t show any blood, she must have had intercourse with a man before. But this isn’t true.

It is difficult to tell if a woman is a virgin or not. A doctor can hardly ever tell for sure whether or not a woman has had a penis in her vagina.

What is important is what you have between you and your partner and not whether she is or not a virgin.