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I had a kid with a guy. we dated for nt long we were into each other bt now the kid is dead and now the guy says he doesnt want me anymore that i should move on. yet if i kol he pick and tells me to wait till he finds time to meet me up. i dont knw y coz this is so important and i need it to be solve that first and know what next coz i believe on one on one what should i do to mk him meet me that first


Hey Japheth,

I am really sorry about your loss and the fact that you have to deal with such a hurtful issue.

Someone who loves and care for you will always find time to be with you. It seems like he had moved on and there are two main indicators: he has told you he has moved on and the fact that he never sets time to meet you.

The fact that he picks your calls should not confuse you since his words and actions tell a different story. You need to sit down and reflect on your future. The man seems to have other priorities in life and I am sorry to say that it seems that you are not one of his priorities. This tells you that you should also rethink your priorities in life.

You need to be with with someone else who can treat you right and set time for you. Before that, you have to reconcile your feelings and move on.

I sincerely wish you well.


Dear Japheth,

I can imagine what you are going through having lost your child, it is not easy to deal with the loss. Give yourself time to grieve your child as you stay around people that care and love you.

It is hard to move on especially when you love a person and when you really need them most, however if the other party has moved on, then you need to gather yourself and see ways to deal with the break up. Your partner has clearly indicated that he has moved on, to ease the process of healing you need to accept and move on.

Check the article below on how to deal with break up;

I wish you all the best as you heal and surround yourself with love and lots of it. Start by loving you!

Love Matters Team.