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I had dated with my boyfriend for two years but he cheated on me since I wasn't able to see him as frequently as he wanted and even said he would look for a girl his age who could see him anytime for he was five years older than me.I got annoyed and cheated on him with a friend and then he threatened to kill me, since he knew where I lived...I moved in with the guy I cheated on him with but then he sent my nudes to friends and even on social media.Later he texted apologising for his actions saying they were driven by love and that he still loves me, I know I love him too, what should I do?


Dear Sazla,

Thank you for trusting us with your personal issue. Relationship is built on honest, open communication and respect for one another; you mentioned that your ex boyfriend did put up your nudes photos online, how did you feel about it? If you decide to move in with him again how will you address this issue? Do you still trust him?

You also mentioned that you are currently in a relationship with a man you live with, if you decide to go back to your ex what will it mean to your current relationship? Have you thought about his reactions and feelings?

Sazla, it is important that for every action you take, you understand that there are consequences. In this case you need to think about this situation ask yourself a few questions;- What does it mean to move in again with my ex, what if he cheats on me again, what about my current relationship? How will he feel? Will I be able to trust my ex again. While it is okay to be aware of your feelings, it is important that you think through this and make an informed decision.

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Wish you best.

Love Matters Team.