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I had been in relationship some 4 years back before I joined college.we took at least 2 years wthout having sex till we did our kcse since by then we were in high school. I couldn't dare ask anything related to sex becous I come from a humble background, thout if I could do it and unfortunately she became pg and my dad gets to know about it, then it could be de end of my schooling. After high school we started having sex for 1 year wen I joined college.she was my first girl ad i was de first man to it wth her, as i broke her virginty. Things didn't work as I expected. She started accusing me falsely dat am having affairs with othersgirls in college. Which was a total lie coz I stcked to her as my luvly gal.we later separated where she got married after some moths. I took it easy ad continued with my studies till I graduated. It is fours years from de time we separete and we haven't been talking for dat long. Since de beginning of this year, she has been texting and sending to me her photos and funny funny clips relating to luv and sex. Am totally wondering what's this woman is after from me. Am in another crias relationship ready to marry very soon. How do I go by this issue???please help..


Dear Ben,

Thank you for sharing with us your experience. It clear from your story that both of you are in committed relationships. Have you been responding to her texts, photos and clips? Perhaps what you need to do is to let her know exactly how you feel about the messages she has been sending. If you dont like, just be genuine and firm on what exactly you want. If this persists, you may consider blocking her completely. Check this article, it has some useful tips:-

As you communicate with her, it is important that you safeguard the trust that you have built in your current relationship.

Love Matters Team.