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i got into a relationship last year n we have been doing well we loved each other soo much tho we are in a long distant relationship our communication was good but recently thingås are changing sometimes he does not even call or when i call he seem bored o sometimes he is asleep wot do i do coz i have tried to ask him wot the problem is he says he has some commitments in church but says he still loves me i asked him if he has lost interest he says no wot do i do


Hey Emma,

Long distance relationships can sometimes suffer communications problems. It is good that you have asked him what the problem is and his answer is that all is well. From what i get, he has commitments and maybe you call him when he has had a long day. According to me, you should decide the best time of day and night to talk. Find out his schedule. The fact that you talk less often than before should not necessarily mean there is a problem. Determine the best time to talk and then see how that works out for both of you.


Hello Emma,

All relationships will have challenges at different times of the life of the relationship. What's important is really how you choose to resolve the conflict. Also, trust is important in any relationship. If he says he is having a much busier schedule you may probably want to check what times will work well to ensure you keep talking to each other as opposed to concluding that something must be wrong. Your relationship should be a place of comfort and not addition pressure or stress. Do talk to him, find a good time that will work well for you both to ensure you keep communicating and keep the relationship alive. Find more information by clicking on the following links...

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