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I did abortion 2018 Feb since then I have been having irregular period what .my period comes for 2-3day at time I have clotted blood at times Normal .what do I do since I want to get pregnant. No pains at all


Hello Mercy,

First, do you mean that your periods are irregular because of the number of the days you bleed or because of how long the cycle takes? Periods are considered irregular when within a period of 6 months you have observed that your periods are coming after a number of days. For example in month 1 you get 26 days, month 2- 31 days, month 3- 24 days, with that then you can conclude that your periods are irregular. But if it is the number of days that you bleed, it can range from 2 to 7 days, this is considered normal.

Second, not all periods are painful. And other times your periods will come out in big blood clots. All these does mean that you cannot get pregnant. If you have tried for more than 6 months, with no success then you can consider seeking advice from a gynecologist.

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