Posted by yetunde

I am a virgin,proud of it but last year when i started dating my boyfriend he was understanding but this year all he tells me is that i should be fast because he is tired of having sex with another girl and i feel he is not into me because of that,but i do love me,what should i do because we are not too close and i really want that


Hi Yetunde, thank you for writing to us. congratulations on being able to hold out on sex for this long.

You say your boyfriend was ok with you being a virgin and yet he is having sex with another person? Are you ok with this arrangement because if not that means he is cheating on you.

Sex is an important part of any relationship but its not the main thing. The decision to have sex lies with you and therefore you should have sex when you are ready, comfortable and willing to. Its important for you to hold on to your values and not get pressured into having sex if you are not ready for it.

If he loves you as you love him, he should wait until you are ready for sex.

You should consider the kind of relationship you want to be in. Who is to say if you give in to sex that your relationship will be better or worse.

If he decides to leave you because you are not ready for sex, well, good riddance to him, you might have dodged a bullet.

You should take time to evaluate your relationship and decide if he is the kind of man you want to be with for the rest of your life.

If he is, try your best to make it work without compromising your values.

If its not, its time you moved on even if you love him.


Sex is not the key component of a relationship. PERIOD!!!! Either he is with you or with someone else.
You'll get someone to appreciate who you are if he is adamant you have sex.