Posted by Adesola

I am two and half years older than my boyfriend, he's 25 & I am 27. he's God fearing, he's caring etc but seems he's not ready to start work for money talk more of getting married. He keeps saying he want to collect his certificate almost five months now. He keeps saying he want to settle down, but no sign of seriousness.
I am worried because I am older, and its seems he's not because he's young. Please what should I do.


Hello Adesola,

First, age should not be an issue if both of you have agreed to be in the relationship and are committed to make it work.

Second, have you shared your frustrations/concerns with him? Does he know how you feel about his lack of a money making venture? Do you know what his reasons are for his behaviors? Is it because he does not have work that he cannot get his certificate? Communication is a key element in any healthy and strong relationship. Lack of it thereof, makes the relationship weak and may not last long. Perhaps, you consider talking to your partner, understand what could be hindering him to look for work or even get his certificate. Is it something you can sort as a couple, then address it. If not, then discuss ways on how he can address the issues he has. Check this article on how to communicate with your partner:

Finally, it is important for you to understand what you really want in/ from your relationship, this helps as you are able to discuss your expectations with your partner at the beginning of the relationship. And remember, as the saying goes "age is nothing but a number", it all depends with your and your partner. Check out this article:

Wish you the best in your relationship.

Love Matters Team.