Safe Sex

Posted by TessyD

I always prefer condoms but my partner doesn't like using it...we've been dating for 3years and anytime I bring up the condom thing he gets mad.We're used to withdrawal... He's used to withdrawal.But I just want to be extra careful...diseases just in case.


Hello Tessy,

I can imagine the conversation you been having with your partner about condoms, I acknowledge that, this is a brave step to just talk about it. Sometimes, due to myths surrounding condom use, it is not easy to convince a partner to start using them especially if that conversation did not happen before starting to engage in sexual activities. Perhaps what are his reasons for not using condoms? Check out this article with some myths about condoms and maybe you can read it together:

Have you ever talked about your fears? The diseases, pregnancy? Have you talked about consequences if the withdrawal method fails? Relationship is about open, honest and candid conversations, perhaps you need to talk about it together and agree on a way that does not put each other at risk of diseases or unplanned pregnancy. Have you ever taken a HIV test together? What about testing for sexually transmitted infections as a couple? If you have never, perhaps its time for both of you to take the tests to at least protect each other. Check out this article too:

Wish you the best.

Love Matters Team.

Gal, remember your life is in your hands, and every actions you choose has its consequences, therefore make wise and informed decision. Remember your Health is your Responsibility!