Posted by yetunde

How will yu actually know if a guy really loves yu in the case whereby yu dating a guy wu really doesn't like showing his feelings that much but he doesn't deny yu in public


Hi Yetunde, thanks for writing to us.

Love is elusive. It is hard to describe but you know it when you feel it. The same goes for your partner, there is no way to know for sure but it’s a feeling. Trust your gut; you know more than you think. Just remember that everyone expresses and feels love a bit differently.

Have you asked him how he feels about you? Talking to him could also help in knowing how he feels about you. other things that could help is, looking at how he treats you? Does he like spending time with you? Does he take you places or buy/get things for you like gifts? Has he introduced you to family or friends? These are some of the things that could help you know if someone has feelings for you.