Posted by Fraizy Okonkwo

How will i know when a guy is in love with me though i have never been in a relationship before


Dear Fraizy,

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection towards another person. Love is warm, it is kind and patient. Love is forgiving. Love is a feel of a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone.

Spending quality time with the person will give you an opportunity to really know the person. Know if they share the same feelings, expectations and goals as you do.

You can also know the person loves you by the way their communicate to you non verbally. How does the person react when you are together, do they feel comfortable to talk about their deepest emotions with you? Do they sound committal while having a discussion about relationship? And you, do you feel comfortable around them. These are some clues, however you can also face someone and get to ask how they really feel about you.

Fraizy, there is always a first, so do not get so worried.

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Love Matters Team.


Am nt worried is just tht i dnt want to make mistake by choosing the wrong one