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How do you know someone is loosing interest on you????



If you are in an intimate relationship, you will notice when things are not okay in your relationship, also you will get to know if your no longer have interest in you. Here are few indicators that can tell you that your relationship is not heading in the right direction;-

One of you cheated on the other
You used to spend time together, but now you dont enjoy each other company
You fight a lot with your partner. These fights keep happening even though you’ve tried talking out the underlying problems properly.
You find it hard to be yourself in the relationship.
When it becomes difficult to have a conversation with your partner.
It's been a long time since you said "I love you" to each other.
You haven’t had sex in a long time.
You lack the energy, drive or motivation to make up to your partner.

These are just a few, it is therefore important you talk to partner, see if you can save the relationship, if it is difficult it helps to just let go.

Love Matters Team