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How do I stop premature ejaculation


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Premature ejaculation may result from both physical and psychological problems young and inexperienced men tend to cum prematurely because of the nervousness they feel about how well they will perform.
Other psychological factors that can cause premature ejaculation include: a religious background in which sex is stigmatized, work-related stress and anxiety, guilt, depression, or past sexual trauma. Physical causes may include: an oversensitive glans penis (the top part of the penis), past injuries, drug side-effects. In some cases, premature ejaculation is simply caused by disinterest, or lack of attraction, for a sexual partner.

Premature ejaculation declines as a man accumulates sexual experience and gains control over his ejaculation. Using relaxation or distraction techniques during sex can help delay orgasm. Using a condom or numbing creams and gels, which reduce sensation, is another option. You could also experiment with different positions

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