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How can u know if a girl is trully a virgin?


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Unfortunately, you can only rely on what she tells you.

Medically, it is impossible to tell whether a girl is a virgin or not.

No behavioral patterns can be used to differentiate a virgin from a non-virgin.

While the hymen (a membrane that covers the opening of the vagina), is present and intact in most virgins, some girls are born without one while some break theirs through other activities such as horse riding and sports activities. So the absence of a hymen does not necessarily mean thata girl is not a virgin.

Therefore, the best way is to ask her.

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Happy New Afolabi,

For this one you only can go by and trust what the girl says.

It is hard to tell if a girl is a virgin or not. For most people what defines virginity is the presence of a hymen, however hymen can be broken as a result of other things such as sports or using tampons. It is also important to note that some girls are born without a hymen therefore proving their virginity becomes hard.

Check out this article for more information on virginity;-

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