Posted by Janet Adongo

How can one get rid of constant dreaming abt ex


Dear Janet,

Dealing with a break-up can be difficult, depending with the circumstances the healing process can take longer and it can be painful. However there is hope, you can deal with the break up. below are some of the things you can do to cope with the break-up;-

- Breaking up with someone can feel like a major loss. It’s crucial to give yourself time to mourn the end of the relationship. It okay to have feelings and sometimes mixed feelings, all these feelings are a natural part of the healing process and allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel whenever you feel it.

- Stay present in the moment and allow the emotional wounds to heal naturally. Don't beat yourself for what happened in the past, stay in the present so that you can be able to move on.

- Love your self and get something that you love to do. It could be cooking, sports or learning a new language.

- Surround yourself with people that care about you and you love them. People that you trust enough to be not ashamed to show your feelings.

Finally, remember it is a process that may take time.

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Love Matters Team