Posted by omondi

How can i solve this situation, i found my lover with another guy and when we went down to settle this issue out the lady disowned me claiming that she loves the other guy. i had to leave her with the man she said to love but unfortunately i saw her phone call on a my phone she was apologizing to me that she never intended to hurt me but she had to do so because i was so much against her than the other i dont know what to do as whether to have her back or let go this relationship?


Hi Omondi, sorry that you are in that situation. It can be very confusing for anyone. You are in a situation where you found your partner with another man and upon trying to get the real story she said that she loves the other man. You need to really take time and think about that. How did that make you feel? What did that tell you about her and the situation that she put you in? Do you think you can be able to trust her again. Do you feel like she is truthful or just playing games with you. Do you want to be in a relationship where your partner loves another person. These are some of the questions you need to think about. When you get answers to this questions and others that you may have, then think about what you want. If you make a decision on what you want no matter how simple or difficult it may feel it would be best for you to take action and move forward. It is not an easy decision to make but its one that you have the ability to make. Read our article on cheating and get more insight .