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Hi,my name is Linah.I have dated my boyfriend for four years now,a year ago we decided to have a baby after he came back from Dubai,our relationship is long distance.I fortunately got pregnant as agreed upon,he is an amazing father and a wonderful provider to our son since i have already given birth but a few weeks ago we had a fight that started out small but got out of hand until it got to a point we started exchanging hurtful words.He said so many things to me and i just told him i won't stoop to his lever,since,it has been almost a month now since i last heard from him.He doesn't even call to check on us or just a text to check on his child.He is always online and even when he sees me online he doesn't say anything...all i need to know is cld he hv abandoned us after everything?Is he moving on?What should I do?


Dear Linah,

Sorry for what you are going through. It is not easy to be a relationship where you are not communication to each other. Every relationship at some point goes through a tough time, however how you handle the relationship is what will either break or make the relationship.

Sometimes, in a relationship even when you know or think that you were wronged, it is important that you take a step back and initiate the conversation. You mentioned that you see your partner online, have you tried to talk to him? Have you called or did a text? It takes one of you to address the issue (s) that you may have. Drop him a chat, let her know that you would like to talk to him and address the issue, it does not hurt to start the conversation, it just shows that you are mature enough. So before making any conclusion talk to him.

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Wish you the best.

Love Matters Team.