Posted by Alicia

Hi..i met a certain guy on a vehicle he sat nxt to me we exchanged no.nd after he left he tld me that he is inlove wth me yet am not ready for his rlshp i jst want us to be jst friends nothng else....he says he is crazy in love wth me..what i gonna do help me?


Hi Alicia,

Its a good thing you met someone. If you feel you need more time to get to know him then you should take time to get to know him.

You don't need to rush into anything. Relationships are about getting to know each other to the point where you are both comfortable with each other.

Its a good thing that he is expressing himself and opening up to you, but the truth is love takes time. So you should have a talk with him and also express to him how you feel about the situation.

If he is serious about having a relationship with you, he will give you the time that you need. The only way you can get to know his intention with you, is by knowing the type of person he is and that will take time.

So enjoy this time dating and getting to know him, that's normally the fun part. But do not feel the urge to be rushed into anything you do not want to do. Remember you always have a choice.

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He is not in love with you, that's what we call lust. Loves takes some time to grow or develop like a period of six months anything else is just lust.
You know chemistry is most powerful drug out there it makes people say things they don't mean or intent of doing.
Be careful and tell him that you need time to know him personally.