Posted by Rampendo

Hi,am cdy,a widow with two beautiful daughters,I got in love with a married guy from the same area,we got fond of each other,we talked more like guys who lived together,we respected his wife and had our moments secretly,fortunately or unfortunately I conceived,after telling him,he was like he was OK but after sometime,he cut down our communication and started behaving akwardly,he made himself busy and the least was one excuse to another,I got angry to the point of also not communicating but the anger within just ended like that,I'm confused,I love my pregnancy,I love the fact that I will give birth to achild of aguy I love so much,the problem is that I love him still,sometimes I miss him,I wanna have him but I can't,what should I do?


Hi there,

Sorry that you are going through this. It sounds like you are in a difficult position.

This might be difficult to hear but the truth is married man only have affairs for the fun but when responsibility or any other complication comes in most of them tend to cut off the relationship.

There might be different reasons why he cut communication but one of them is because he's no longer interested in the relationship.

You need to take time and think about what you want. It important to factor in that you have a child on the way and you need to take care of it.

You need to think about what you want. Whether you want to stay in this position of uncertainty or you want to move on with your life.

If you decide to move on, think about what went wrong, but don't obsess over it. Don't fight your feelings - accept them, and let them out gently. It can be hard to stop thinking about it, but try to take your mind off it as much as you can. Remember that your end goal is to move on.