Posted by Kenya

Hi Team of Love i love this guy dearly but am very insecure wth hm. He doesnt want me 2 write hm any love txt.He gets very jelous when i txt sme othr guys. He does call or txt unless i wat we are having realy a relationship or this guy is using me??


Hey you, thank you for writing to us. Trust is very important in any relationship and if there is non it becomes very difficult for the relationship to function. I don't know if you have tried to talk to him about this issue and how it makes you feel? Find out why he doesn't like to text or call you and maybe from that conversation you can get to resolve the issues. If nothing changes then you can consider if that is a relationship you want to be in. All the best.


According 2 me, he z jst using bt he z nt in tru lov wit u 4 sure!