Posted by Blessedruth

My Name is Blessing from Nigeria, I have been in an online relationship with a kenya man from Luyha tribe for one and the half years now, we constantly chat on WhatsApp. My worry is that he shy away from audio call or video call, he has not given me a reason why he doesn't want video call or audio call.
I love him, he has discussed plan on how he will come to to Nigeria with his family to see my parents.
So I want to know if our relationship is a waste of time, or a culture in kenya not to receive call or video call who you intend to have a future with, or is just something he does not like?


It seems to me that your man is just a little cunning, so he does not want video calls. By the way, if you still do not know about the great popularity of such calls in online chats on dating sites, then I advise you to definitely check out this dating site . Perhaps you will really like this way to find the perfect match near you.