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Hi my boyfriend of a month asked for money for school fees claiming he'll pay back which I send him now 2weeks later he wants more money for something else and he hasn't even paid the first one.he claims he wants me to meet his parents though I don't know if he's serious. So what do I do?also the ex I broke up with a year ago is back texting me thinking I don't recognize his number.I told him I know who he is we even lashed out at one another so he stopped but today he send me some girl's naked photos on messenger then he texts me saying he send them on a wrong number pliz help me with this situations they are stressing me alot


Hello there,

Nambuye, relationships are built on honesty, trust, mutual respect and open communication. If any of these elements lacks, then the relationship cannot be healthy and strong and it may lead to break up. You mentioned that you have been together for only one month, is that time good enough to have known someone to extent of giving him money? Have you both talked about your relationship and what you expect from each other. Perhaps you may want to take a step back think about the relationship and if that is what you what you want. You can also share your concerns with your partner, let him know that you are not comfortable giving him more money before paying back.

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