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hi, my boyfriend always gets insecure whenever i dont pick his calls, whenever im not home, last week i had a meeting and he did not find me home, ever since that day he does not speak to me neither does he call me. its like his keeping his distance from me. how can i get him back, i love him and i want us to get back. mary


Dear Mary,

I am sorry for what you are going through. Sometimes relationships go through a tough time, however how you deal with the issue is what determines if it will survive or not.

Trust is one of the key element for a healthy relationship and lack of it may strain the relationship to a point of breaking up. In this relationship your partner seems to have issue with trust? Do you know of issues that may have happened in the past that could be making him to react in that manner. You may consider having an intimate conversation with him, find out what the issue is and find ways that both can solve the issue.

Open and honest communication is also very important, that way you can let your partner know where you are and what you are doing. He can also communicate any issue that he may have.

Wish you the best as you address the issue.

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Love Matters Team.