Posted by naftal

hi. me and my girlfriend have been dating for over a year now. thing is that she is older than me by 2 years. i dont know how to go about it.kibdly need your opinion

Hi Naftal, congratulations on your relationship hitting the one year mark. My question is, is her being older an issue to you? You have already been dating for an year, has the age difference been an issue to either of you? There is nothing wrong with dating a girl that is older than you as long as both of you are fine with it. Age should not be a restricting factor in a relationship. We worry too much about age because society has shaped us to believe that the woman should be younger than the man, but that should not be the case. Just because she is older than you does not mean your relationship should be different from if you were dating someone younger than you. If either of you is uncomfortable about the age difference, talk about it and share what you think. Hopefully you will work out your doubts and misconceptions. Enjoy your relationship and make the best out of it. Also read this article and get more insight

Im also older than my dude but age is just a number........I love him as much as i respect him n we believe we r goin far......don mynd age.....LOVE is all dat matters