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Hi I would really wanna know how to keep my far relationship strong because I love my lady how live far from me I really do I don't worries and I don't her to have worries to


Hello Liecmoh,

Just like any other relationship, communication is a key element in making a relationship strong and healthy. Communicate with your partner at all times, get to know how she/he is doing. To ensure effective communication, utilize all the channels available to you, Skype calls, messages, video calls, emails and letters. What you do keep communication going!

Trust is another key element in any relationship. You cannot build a strong relationship if you both dont trust each other.

Plan to spend quality, face to face time together. Utilize this time to enjoy each other company and probably talk about your future plans.

Share your expectations with your partner and also get to hear hers/his.

Remember, it takes two to make a relationship work. Commitment too, is a key element.

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