Posted by Mwanji

Hi. I would love to know why a guy would tell a woman that he's not in a position or state to love. Am asking this because this is exactly what my bf said to me after a confrontation as to why he takes so much timme to reply my messages and hardly takes my call. He used to say he loved me and even promised a future with him .


Hi Mwanji,

This might be difficult to hear but it sounds as though your boyfriend is no longer interested in the relationship or does not love you. It is common for some people to fall out of love in relationships. This is not an easy thing to comprehend and might need some time before it sinks in.

You might want to take time to figure out what you want to do, its important to also think about your relationship and the possibility that it might be over.

People promise a lot of things but it does not mean they al keep their word. When a relationship is not working its best to start thinking about moving on, because the more you spend time lingering the more it will hurt.

Here is an article that you might give you some comfort in your decision making .