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Hi. I moved in with a girl out of love, but I THink she thought i was in love due to the respect I had for her . we didn't make love for a few days which earned me a lot of trust. I later moved out because I wasn't financially stable. but promised to come back immediately I get a better job. she said she got relieved but still loves me so much to mind providing or supporting me. I couldn't stand depending on her so I had to find a job first. but before then, she asked me to let her move on and so she did. she got married I found a job. now I am financially stable and she's dumped. I feel love for her but I hate she didn't wait for me. my question is since she used to support me before I got a job and so she did even while married, do I stand a second chance? and how do I tell her that I love her? recently she asked me if I forgot her because I got rich



The fact that she supported you while you were in need does not mean that you must take care of her and even get into a relationship with her. From what you have said, she is the one who requested to move on, therefore you can not blame yourself for that. The decision on whether you stand a chance or not is solely hers and you can only know that by asking her. But even before you start thinking of sharing your feelings with you need to ask yourself some few questions;-

- I am going back to her because of pity or I truly love her?
- She was married, what does that mean to me? What of her marriage?
- I am ready for the responsibilities that comes with being in a committed relationship?
- What if I become financially unstable, will she still stand with me?

Think about it carefully, if you are convinced that she is the one, then the below article will give you tips on how to express your feelings;-

Love Matters Team.