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Hi, I have a kid (CMA girl child) with other girlfriend but I fear to tell my new girlfriend becouse she might leave me when she hear that.what can I do??? The mother of my child is married to another man



There are key things that helps to build a strong and healthy relationship. Open communication and honesty are some of the key elements. Honesty from the start is key as it will form the basis of your relationship, if you start with lies- is it how you want your relationship to be like? It is important to talk to your partner especially on things that you cannot change, let her know your situation and if she does love you genuinely, the knowledge that you have a child will not change the way she feels.

If you don't let her know now, you need to ask yourself what that means for you? What if she gets to know, how are you going to handle.

Juma it is a choice you have to make, either to live in fear of her knowing and telling her the truth and be free. Whichever decision you make, let it be for the benefit of the relationship.

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Love Matters Team.