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Hi i have a gf up now,we've been dating for ten months..she is a campus girl we lived with her at my house 5 months and during that period i cheated on her and she found out, she asked me and i accepted then she forgave me i paid her school fees rent fees buy her phone then she aborted my unborn child claiming until she started her attachment but when she went back to school she tottaly changed when she come back we meet and i tried to ask for her changes but she said nothing i doubted her and when i ask for her phone she refused i forcibly took it and she admitted to cheat on me once and i ask her why did she did it she said coz she had some rumours that i play then i ask her what happened since it seems you love the guy she said the guy didn't duck her like the way i did so i don't know what's is on her mind up to now. I really love her but the behavior has changed coz even on bed she doesn't want my kiss i have tried very thing that i could but she just says she is okay bt i see there is hidden meaning on her face and phone. Please advice and help me to maintain her


Hello TheBigthingsonly, thank you for reaching out to us. We are sorry you are going through such a hard time.
Communication is an important part of any relationship. Have an open and honest conversation with your partner. Explain how their actions are affecting you and the relationship. Try not to be confrontational because that would put them on the defensive and the resulting conversation would not be productive. Be ready to listen to their fears and feelings and respond to them as well.
This article has some pointers that could help you learn how to better communicate.