Posted by Commybabe

Hi I have been dating a guy for the past five years we claim to be in love but along the line I realised it to be that I loved him more than he thought of me and there is no commitment whatsoever,few weeks ago I found a picture of him and a girl which got me upset due to the position of the picture so I asked him and he said she was just a friend but I was still upset that it lead to an argument about the picture and that made me to say am ending the relationship now this guy in question claimed he doesn't want to end the relationship due to the fact that he was joking about the picture and all our arguments and all bcoz he wanted to see my reaction now he says he isn't ready to let go of me but I had always had my suspicions of him cheating and I got some informations from some of his close friends about him cheating but when I asked him he said he wasn't cheating,now after I left him just few days later a long time friend of mine resurfaced after I told him I left my previous relationship so this friend claims he has been deeply in love with me and willing to be there for me in all circumstances but am yet to be in love with him rather my thoughts are always on the fact if my ex was saying the truth or not.I really need advice bcoz my ex was without commitment but I was in love with him but this other guy is offering me commitment of a life time but am yet to be in love with him.I also feel am still in love with my ex but am scared of going back to him bcoz our love life wasn't like the love vibes were there and this present guy am trying to accept him but am not in love with him