Posted by Kardana7

Hi I broke up with my boyfriend of 1 year last week because I lied. Within the week we communicated he says he forgave me but never wants commitment. He says we are just friends but we communicate as normal.. We even had s*x yesterday.. Where does the relationship stand?


Hello Kardana,

Trust is a key element in any relationship, this is built over time. However, trust is easily destroyed especially where there are no honest and open communication. From your message, it seems, while your partner forgave you for the mistake, he is careful to have a committal relationship with you. Having sex does not mean that the relationship is up and running, maybe is just a re-bound sex.

Based on your analysis, where do you think the relationship is heading to? Is it worthy fighting for? You can consider having a candid conversation with your partner, get to understand what he is expecting from you and the relationship. Check out this article:

Love Matters Team.