Posted by David Dempsie

Hi guys,i ve bn datin' dz gal fr 2yrs bt she doesnt want us sex....wat cd i do to convient her ...?


Hi David, thanks for writing to us.

Relationships are mostly about communication and understanding each other. In relationships people compromise and sacrifice at times for the sake of a good relationship.

Sex is important in a relationship but its not the only thing in a relationship. A relationship is about much more than sex.

People have different values and goals in life. Some like to hold on sex until when they are married or get married. others want to wait until when they feel they are ready for sex.

That is why its always important for people to talk about their goals and intentions with each other during the start of the relationship. This helps them see if they have the same goals and ambitions with each other.

You need to talk to her about this and find out why she does not want to have sex if you still haven't. This will help you know if your goals are similar.

If your intentions in this relationship is sex then it means you might be in the wrong relationship and you might want to think about it.

Two years is a long time to wait but if you intend to be with her for the rest of your life, waiting a bit longer won't hurt and it will be well worth it.

Read this article to get more insight .


Talk to her


Sex is not so important but ts needed to strengthen the relationship


sex is one of the spices of relationship its ur ryt to av it David! just let her to shade some light on why she z not ready for you!..